Game Changer Flocked Sponge


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Here to shake up your makeup routine, the Game Changer Flocked Sponge combines a non-latex beauty sponge on the inside, with high density microfibre flocking on the outside. This power combination means more makeup is deposited, fused and synced with your skin, and minimal product is absorbed into the sponge. Its versatile, double-ended and bevelled shape is made for multi-purpose and precision application; use the round edge to blend cream and liquid products, the tapered end for hard to fuse places such as around the nose and tear duct, and the bevelled edge to sculpt and create definition. The unique flocking makes this sponge perfect for reapplying sunscreen and touching-up your makeup, as it won’t lift already applied product.    

Directions: Run the sponge under water, squeezing until the sponge swells. Squeeze out the excess and if needed, press into a towel to further absorb water. For added benefits, swap water for a face mist or setting spray; spray directly onto the sponge and squeeze in your hand to allow the product to distribute throughout.