Animal Diffuser & Humidifier - Patsy Pig


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Create a fun and healthy environment with the Children’s Animal Diffuser and Humidifier. A safe, effective and pleasant way to use pure essential oils both therapeutically and for creating a calming environment for the whole family. Pure essential oil molecules are dispersed into the air in their purest form, enhancing the effects of aromatherapy. The Children’s Animal Diffuser purifies & humidifies the air, brings a sense of calm or creates a new bedtime routine that children will love. The diffuser comes with a FREE Lavender pure essential oil 9mL (valued $22.95), perfect for diffusing around children.

Features include:

Humidifier – releases moisture and humidifies the air. A solution for both hot and dry air during summer or winter when the heating is turned on.

Auto Shut Off – an important safety feature, once all the water in the tank has evaporated, the diffuser will automatically shut off to protect from burning or damage.

2 hour timer setting

Over 10 hours of continuous operation

Includes free Lavender pure essential oil and 3 essential oil pads

Available in Charlie Chick, Patsy Pig and Freddy Frog